2-Stage Water Filter Replacement Set
2-stage Water Filter Replacement Set

2-Stage Water Filter Replacement Set

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The replacement pack contains the complete filter set required for the whole home Delos 2-stage Whole Home Water Filtration System.

Filters can be simply replaced and does not require a licensed plumber. 

To download the instructional manual to replace filters - Click here.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO  FOR FILTER REPLACEMENT - Note this takes place on a Delos 3 stage unit but the same process can be followed


Sediment Cartridge - Technical Specifications: 



Maximum dimensions: 

4.50” x 9.88” (114 mm x 251 mm)

Rating (nominal): 

1 micron

Initial ΔP (PSI) @ Flow Rate (GPM): 

< 1.0psi @ 10 gpm (<0.1 bar @ 38 Lpm)

Filter Media: 


Temperature Rating: 

40-145°F (4.4-62.8°C)

Granulated Activated Carbon
Cartridge - Technical Specifications:



Maximum dimensions:

4.50” x 9.75” (114 mm x 248 mm)

Chlorine taste & odour reduction @ flow rate (GPM):

>50,000 gallons @ 2 gpm (189,270 L @ 7.6 Lpm)

Initial ΔP (PSI) @ Flow Rate (GPM): 

0.90 psi @ 2 gpm (0.06 bar @ 7.6 Lpm) 

Filter Media: 

Granular activated carbon

Outer Shell: 


Temperature Rating: 

40-125°F (4.4-51.7°C)



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