Delos Pro Odour Filter
Delos Pro Odour Filter
Delos Pro Odour Filter

Delos Pro Odour Filter

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The Delos Pro Odour Filter helps mitigate offensive odours and targets harmful organic pollutants that can be off-gassed by building materials, furniture, and finishings. Purifying air from such pollutants can help reduce the risk of headaches, nausea, and irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. The superior construction and high carbon mass of this filter limits air leakage and enables a longer lifespan than the Delos Essentials Odour Filter.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model DWAIR001PO
  • Product dimensions 595 x 550 x 95mm
  • Rated airflow 416 L/sec @ 1.27 m/sec
  • Initial resistance 42 Pa @ 1.27 m/sec
  • Number of pleats 40 pleats
  • Media area 4.4 square meters
  • Filter weight 6 kg
  • Frame material Aluminium
  • Recommended replacement timing Up to 12 months*

*The lifecycle of a pleated activated carbon depends on the makeup and amount of contaminants being filtered as well as the amount of particulates captured. These life estimates are based on a single study on TVOC contents in new homes for the filters recommended airflow rate and 30% daily usage. The estimated life should be treated as a guideline only as real world performance will vary considerably.

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