Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit

Delos Pro Particle Filter Replacement set

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The Delos Pro Particle Filter efficiently targets very small particles (3-10 microns) that can infiltrate the home from outdoors, or be caused by  household dust, pollen, mould spores, smoke, dander and excrement produced by pets, pests and insects.

Purifying air from these particles can help reduce threats to respiratory, heart, and lung health, and mitigate triggers for asthma, hay fever, and other respiratory allergies. The superior construction of this filter limits air leakage and enables a longer lifespan than the Delos Essentials Particle Filter.

Technical Specifications:

Model: DWAIR001PP
Product dimensions: 595 x 550 x 95mm
Rated airflow: 416 L/sec @ 1.27 m/sec
Initial resistance: 18 Pa @ 1.27 m/sec
Number of pleats: 17 pleats
Media area: 1.9 Square Meters
Filter weight: 2.7 kg
Frame material: Aluminium
Recommended replacement timing: 12 months*

* Life cycle estimates are made by interpolating EN779 test report dust holding capacity data for a 50 ug/m3 ASHRAE dust load at the filters recommended airflow rate and 30% daily usage. As the amount of dust, particle size distribution and usage will be different in real world conditions, filter life will vary considerably.

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