Delos Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit
Delos Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit
Delos Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit
Delos Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit
Delos Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit
Delos Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit

Delos Healthway Intellipure Compact HEPA Air Purification Unit

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Improve indoor air quality, reduce viral load, and breathe easier with our Delos Compact air purification system.

Our compact and portable solution exceeds the HEPA filter standard and can achieve a 99.99% reduction of airborne viral loads down to .007 microns (smaller than the size of COVID-19 and bacteria).

- making it one of the most efficient and versatile units available in the market.

This is confirmed by testing performed by an independent certified laboratory (EN-1822 testing of the Intellipure Compact device operating at 150 CFM)

The Delos Compact air purification system is perfect for bedrooms, offices, classrooms, and hotel rooms (suitable for up to 51 square metres).

The modular, portable system can be wall-mounted and is often installed in multiples to purify larger spaces.

Patented "DFS - Disinfectant Filtration System" technology delivers advanced purification with a system specifically designed to reduce airborne ultrafine particles, the presence of microorganisms in the air, and prolong filter life by inhibiting the growth of captured microorganisms.

Removes >99.99%  of ultrafine particles greater than >0.007 microns (smaller than the size of COVID-19 and bacteria). 

Bulk pricing available with volume discounts

Compact Best In Class | Most Efficient 

Not all Air Purifiers are created equal reasons why - read here

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A Proven Solution: Delos Compact Air Purification Unit 


Delos Compact Air Purification Specifications


  • Coverage - Up to 51 square metres*
  • System Efficiency – high CFM rate with low energy consumption
  • Multiple Fan Speeds – four fan speeds for ease of control
  • DFS Filtration Efficiency – 99.99% aggregate removal of particles down to 0.007 micron**
  • Independent Air Flow/Distribution Control – to facilitate placement anywhere in the space
  • Ease of Maintenance – designed for quick and easy filter maintenance and replacement
  • Multiple Configuration - wall mountable or stand-alone installation options
  • Includes wall mount bracket

 * Square meterage calculations are based on device CFM rates, standard height ceilings, and a minimum of 2 air exchanges per hour
**Individual particle sizes and specific particle size ranges may have different filtration efficiency rates.

Supplier Healthway

Maximum dimensions 33cm (W) x 22cm (D) x 51cm (H)
Weight 17 lbs/ 7.7kgs
Fan Speeds Turbo, High, Medium, Low
Voltage/Frequency 120V/60Hz (High), 220V/50Hz (Medium), 220V/60Hz (Low)
Power Consumption 9 – 65 watts
CFM 22 (Low) - 150 (Turbo)
Operations Noise 40 – 60 dB