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Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit
Delos Home Wellness Kit

Portable Air Quality Sensor - Laser Egg + Chemical

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The Laser Egg+ Chemical gives accurate and complete data of the air in your home.

The Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical Air Quality Sensor is bench mounted and provides accurate and reliable quality monitoring information. 

  • PM 2.5 Fine dust + smog
  • VOC's - harmful chemicals
  • Temperature + humidity
  • Weather forecast
  • WiFi connection


Product details

Material & Color ABS; white with gold ring
Size 106 x 88 mm
Weight 292 g
Battery & life 2200mAH Lithium; 8 hours
Screen 2.6" full color LCD
Connection Wi-Fi(2.4Ghz)
Compatability iOS9.0 and newer; Android 5.0 and newer
Works with Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, DARWIN
Operating Temperature 0ºC-45ºC (Battery may be affected under 0ºC)

Technical Specifications

 PM 2.5  Laser-based light scattering (MIE)
Measurable Particle Size 0.3µm-10µm
Range: 1-999µg/m³
Accuracy: ±10% (<30µg/m³:±3µg/m³)
Resolution: 1µg/m³
Response Time: 100ms
TVOC MEMS metal-oxide semiconductor
Range 0-9999ppb
Accuracy: ±15%
Resolution: 1ppb
Warm up: 5mins; auto baseline correction
Temperature Range: -20ºC- 100ºC
Resolution: 1ºC
Relative Humidity Range 0-99%RH
Resolution: 1%
AQIs Supported 1-500 (US, CN, IN)

Package Items

 Laser Egg+ Chemical Air Quality Monitor
1.5m USB charging cable
USB power adapter
Product manual